Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Humuor as a selling point?

M & M has another question for me!

Q: Why do smoothie manufactures consider humour a decent tool for selling their drink ?

Sorry it took so long to get the answer for this question! I had to rock 2 computers at the same time to get to the truth of this!. Now understand that as I was attempting to retrieve this info

they were trying to hide it from me. (they didn't know what they were up against) And that's why the 2 computers were needed!

O.K. this is what I found out.

A: there is a secrete society that runs around all over the planet gathering information about all sorts of things. Once a year they meet in a secrete meeting place called "the secrete meeting place" where they compile all this data and make earth shattering decisions.

Here are there biggest ones to date! (remember you read these at your own risk)

1,) We will call our secrete meeting place the "secrete meeting place"

2.) Some country's will drive on the right side of the road, some on the wrong!.

3.) we will call Tomato's a fruit and not a veggie!

4.) we will remove all the blood spewing baby killing adds from smoothies and place humour there instead. that should keep people from buying them!.

I hope that this clears it up for you.


Music Monkey said...

Loved it!

BUT ...

I think you'll find no.2 should be 2.) Some country's will drive on the right/correct side of the road - which is the left and others will drive on the right!

Ken said...

No, no I got it the way it should be!