Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday's Question #5 X3

I need one answer from you on each one of these. ( I know its hard but I know you can do it)

One thing you would change in your country

One thing you would change in the world
One thing you would change in your self

Thanks for playing.


Music Monkey said...

I'm tired! So these are selfish answers. I know I should be asking for world peace or whatever but hey, I'm being self centred!

One thing I would change about my Country : I would make it rain less and be warmer but without losing any of it's wildlife or greeness. Scotland is fab!

One thing I would change about the world : I'd put worm holes (you know those black hole/time travel kind of things) everywhere so that it would be possible to travel to a new country in a split second. Then I'd visit everywhere!

One thing I'd change about myself : I'd be thin everyday!

Ken said...

M&M, It doesn't rain that much here and you have seen my photo's. Its green here, so lets hope you get it!

Love the worm hole idea!!

From what I can see you are thin! lol

trousers said...

I aim to come back and answer - but finally, the Black Box landed me here: so for now, I'll just say hi, until later :)

swine said...

1. The people
2. Eradicate people
3. Learn how to sleep

Ken said...

1. you can try
2. you need help
3. try warm milk

just a girl... said...

1. The presidential nominees
2. Terrorism
3. My Tits

Ken said...

1. me too
2. that would be nice
3. I'll be the judge of that

Ken said...
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bikerdude said...

1. I'd change the voting system here. Do away with the electoral college.I want to vote directly for my chosen candidate.

2. I'd make health care available to all children FOR FREE NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

3. Id make myself more tolerant of the voting process and health care issues in the US.

Ken said...

i would like you all to meet Bikerdude; He is a long time friend. But does that mean I will be taking it easy on him?......
This time yes, but you all now I like the first time to be special. Ah the hell with it he has known me to long for that!!
B what are you trying to do kill me here I almost fell asleep reading that! ya. I'm just messing with you Brother. Thanks for coming in and I look forward to really having some fun with you here.

bikerdude said...

I was giving my Miss America answere,LOL, I was taking it easy on YOU! NO MORE, BEWARE BIKERDUDE!!

Music Monkey said...

So I have a question. I know that will come as a shock to you.

What's your answers to your questions?

mariarocio said...

1. Literacy levels. People should read.

2. In an ideal situation where I could change anything, I'd clean it up. Pollution wise.

3. Everything. I want new thinking patterns. I want positive thinking. I want to create things that make people happy. I want art.

Ken said...

I think That three would be the best one and would make you happy. And I hope you get that!

whatloknows said...

1) healthcare
2) healthcare
3) i would have the ability to summon a genie in a bottle who would gaciously grant 1 and 2.

This was my first visit to your blog. Fun!

whatloknows said...

i do not know if my comment made it thru internet land. i will try again.

1) healthcare
2) healthcare
3) i would be granted a genie in a bottle who would graciously fix 1 and 2.

Fist time visitor!

Kevin Musgrove said...

1: the weather on Sunday afternoons

2: for rain forests to regenerate before the soil erosion really kicks in

3: my lack of self-confidence