Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Roasted chicken or scrambled eggs that is the ?

Here's one from my Trix girl! She is trying to stump me, We wont let that happen over a easy question as this.

I was wondering when this question was going to hit here. I thought it would of come from MIT or Stanford, maybe even Yale. But I should of known it would come from someone smarter than them. (see I know how to score points)

Q: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

A: The egg, it had to be. Although what laid the egg was close to being a chicken, it could not of been. But what came out of the egg was a chicken. Plus it makes me sound so smart and will impress Trix, so that's my answer.

Now if you don't believe in evolution, then i am wrong and it is the exact opposite of what I said, which will make me right and I score the points anyway.

I hope that this clears it up for you.


bikerdude said...

Who cares? I had a chicken and egg sandwich for lunch today.

Trixie said...

Ahhh... but it didn't come from a chicken egg, so that means the chicken came first, who then laid the egg!

Ken said...

Trixie girl, let me help you out. the first chicken that came out of the egg, had to come out of a chicken egg. It could not of came from a duck egg or it would of been a duck. ie it was the first chicken egg and it came from an almost chicken. I know its a hard thing to wrap your head around. But the guy's at MIT finally got it and are doing a paper on me, titled "The answer guy knows it all". Its really nice paper I was interview by several doctors that did a lot of head shaking but in the end they said that as near as they could figure I was certified, or was it certifiable. Either way they are doing a papewr on me about this very thing.

Giggle! said...


'My Trix' you're a crack up!

Nahhhh..... The chicken came first! God popped out 2 of each animals from the sky! And then they all rooted and had babies! :-P

But then again as a child I always thought that eggs grew on trees! LOL But if you didn't pluck em on time then they would hatch into a chicken!

SO what the hell would I know! :-D

Ok, enough with these brain fart questions, I want to know more about you...

"What was your most embarrassing moment?!" xx

Trixie said...

I like Giggles answer better than yours! lol!