Friday, September 12, 2008


M&M, (sounds of clapping, whistling, ew's and ah's)

I can't believe she gets 2 awards from me in one week!

And this award has no strings attached to it.

It's yours to take home and display it where it looks best.(right above (not in) the fire place would look nice)

Now of all the questions I have gotten these (yes again, more than one (but she did learn to count)) were the hardest to get the right answers for!. But of course I did get the answers.

I will brake the first 3 down so they can be answered properly, and the others will follow.

(yes I did say others she was on a roll)

Here are the questions in her own words!

nnnnnnooooooooooooo (and that is an exact quote)

Oh the defeat is too much!

Why? Why? Why?

Oops was that 3 questions?

Oh now its four

See what you've done?


I told you she learned to count.

Q:1 Why?

A:1 Because you only voted the one time! you should of cheated!

Q:2 Why?

A:2 Because the other voters did cheat!

Q:3 Why?

A: well now you are just being silly! (its Friday you've been to the pub already huh!)

Q:4 Oops was three questions, now four!

A:4 Why yes it was, and is.

Q:5 See what you've done?

A:5 Yes I do and now all my readers do too.

I have given the very first highly coveted QUESTION AWARD to the lady from Scotland!


I hope you hang it with pride!

I mean, I hope that this clears it up for you.

1 comment:

Music Monkey said...

I am trully honoured. Thank you very much. Turns out insanity actually rewards now! hehe

For the record I did cheat! Obviously not as often as your other readers though. Maybe I'm not your no.1 stalker any more.

Looking forward to tomorrow's question but am off on my 55 mile cycle so make it easy.

Thank you again. I'm going to frame them both!