Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More to do with Apples!

Ok, here is an Apple question from M & M.

Q: Have I tested the theory of "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away"?.

I think I know where she got this idea (hint look 2 posts down).
But she must not remember the thing with me and Apple!
But here we go anyway!

A: No I have not!, I can't eat apples for 2 more months,
And if you were a true reader of my blogs you would know about all the apple trouble I have had lately. So I ask YOU my dear M & M, if you had the same history would you!.

Try me in a couple months when I can do the research for my self, For that is the only way I can trust the results!

I hope that this frustrates you

1 comment:

Music Monkey said...

:( I'm sad you think I don't read both your blogs :(
My itunes is desperate for me to download the new software but I have a 4gb nano and I'm scared!
And still sad :(