Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ashley has a very good question

She wants to know what would happen if a synchronized swimmer drown, would the rest of the team drown also?

Oh yes it happens a lot. That is why each country only has one team to compete in the Olympics. They were thinking of placing life guards in the pool while training but test showed they would get caught up with the swimmers and drown also.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

FFEJ your answers are in

Jeff has a few questions for me (5) and I have 4 answers for him. I am so clever I can answer 5 with 4.

1. What the hell?

Here is where I pull the fast one, 2 questions 1 answer.
2. I was just wondering whats up?
3. Why wont they play the game?

A: I think they are intimidated by the gravity of it all!

4.Why did man put turn signals on cars?

A:To inform us when they were going to turn way to close in front of us.

Was it just to piss us off, or was there a purpose?

A: Yes there was/is a purpose, and that is to piss us off (is it working)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the question award goes to?

No one! Why you ask.... silly you. You never asked any questions. I can't give out an award to someone when they don't ask a question. Heck practically Joe is the only one who has asked a question and he has already gotten an award. Now its your turn!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thats right what do you......

So you wont ask me a question then I have to think of one for you..... lets see......... Oh here's one.
What are your hobbies, I have a lot of them. Mine are bike riding, picture taking and as I have mentioned rocks. Those are a few of them.... Blogging doesn't count we already know about that one.

Now you do understand this is a "Ask" blog I want you to ask questions. They can be about anything you want. Yeah I know I'm begging but I'm really good at it huh?


Monday, January 19, 2009

The oldest thing I own

Okay the oldest thing I own..... It could be this little guy right here.
They haven't been around for a while? I caught him running across the floor a while back and asked him to stick around. (I also asked him to cut his hair and put some clothes on and you see how well that worked) Oh wait! I have this arrow head, its really old, I mean it may not have been that long ago that it was used but you see its made from petrified wood. So its like a million years old! (and makes it very rare) But no it's not the oldest thing I own.... but this is!
See I told you it was older than anything else I own, and you thought I was crazy.
Oh what is it you ask.... You don't know? Okay than I will tell you.

This is an ORTHOCERAS, does that clear it up for you?.... No?
Okay here is the story. This very primitive member of the phylum cephalopoda are similar to the ammonite. Orthoceras are the ancestral cousin of the modern Squid or Octopus.

If you understand all that well you have done as much research on it as I have. Really, I like things that are 400 million years old. Yep, I got you all beat on this one. I love fossils, I have a few that I have found on the coast, but they are no where near the age of this. I once had a tooth that had not been identified yet and was thought to be around 65 million years old. I will tell you all about that one some day on my "what ever I want" blog. There are parts of the story that can't be told on this one. But there it is. I bet you have older things than you think just sitting around the house. You know most rocks are as old or older than dirt... That's how old I am 10 days older than dirt!

PS, as I did my spell check I think I overloade the system. This is what it came up with. I will give the choices that struck me as funny.
Orthoceras = Outhouses WTF?
Cephalopode = Scalloped
Ammonite = Amount


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a question I have

Now I want you to play, if you read this please play along.... I know you come and look but I want you to play... It wont hurt I promise *wink, wink*

Tell me what is the oldest thing you own. (husband's and wife's don't count you don't own them you just rule over them) Now what is the oldest thing you own, is it that lucky shirt you wear for you favorite team. Or something you got from your mother. Now understand I'm not talking how long you have owned it it could be an antique you bought yesterday. I want to know OLD here people OLD!

I will tell you what mine is and even put up a picture in a day or two when the two of you have posted yours!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joe Wants to know?

I tell you I love this guy, Practically Joe you are the bomb! You always give me good questions, I even had to do a search for one of the pictures for this post. (its the little one) But here let me tell you what that little picture is, then we will jump to the question. That little guy there is a Woodchuck, also known as a Groundhog. Yep one and the same, I bet you Joe you did not know that did you? He is eating an apple just so you can get a grasp on his size.

Okay, Now Joe wants to know how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. (and yes I can and have said that 5 times fast, you should try it). Okay well we know by the saying that a woodchuck can't chuck wood. but lets break it down here a little bit. Okay it is about 18 inches long and on all fours is only about 4 maybe5 inches tall. A stout little guy though. He ways about 5 lbs on the outside I would say. He eats grass (and apples) so he is like a little cow. Have you ever tried to man handle a cow, I'm talking your run of the mill cow, not a bucking bull here. You would be surprised how strong they really are. So in an 8 hour time frame if you could get the wood small enough for it to handle I bet it could do a pile about 1 foot high by 2 feet wide by 2 feet long. to give you an idea of how much that is a cord of wood is 4' by 4' by 8'. So you could say he would be his weight in wood! Now before you ask I will answer the next question. You were going to ask; Well then how much rock could a rock chuck chuck if a rock chuck could chuck rock?. This is a simple question with a complicated answer. Who the hell knows, I do know this though they can eat the shit out of a golf course and dig a hole in the greens big enough to give the ground keeper fits (yes I have seen this) The picture below is a picture I took of a rock chuck on a golf course this summer! and they (there were two for sure) had a couple of holes that had to give fits to the golfers, I bet more than one ball was lost down them. And if you see their teeth you wouldn't want to stick your hand down there to retrieve it!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And the answer is!

Okay, all of you were wrong (all 1.5 of you) U/P stands for upstairs and D/S is downstairs. I have set up an office sort of in my bed room. I am still in the process of setting things just so. Last night I switched computers so I have my good one down in my room so I will be living in my room most of the time I will use the U/S, D/S just so you know (like you care) where I am doing my brain storming from. I will post some pictures when I get it all done, the desk I am using down here was a buy from a garage sale I picked up 6 months ago, and had to do some major work on to get it the way I wanted it. But you can't tell. ( I do good work lol patting myself on the back) I may have to change it a little more do to my good computer is a true desk top i.e. it sits flat on top of the desk not standing on the floor. So I will get to work on it right after my bike ride/ picture taking trip today. And I might get the pictures taken of the two work stations I now have..... but don't hold your breath. I am much better at making a mess than cleaning them!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Okay, its wake up time!

Okay, now this is how you play, and how you participate. I will ask a question, you answer it in the comment section, Or you can ask me a question in the comment section and I will answer it in a post. that covers the "Ask me", and the "Ask you". Now for the "Who knew" part. I will do a post and in form you of something that I did not know. you may also leave a who knew in my comments section. This blog is a reader participation blog. It needs you! So be a sport and play, and play often.

Here is the first "New" question.

I will now be putting down at the bottom of all post on all three blogs either U/S or D/S
What do you think they mean?