Thursday, September 18, 2008

Giggle's wants to know!

Well we don't want Giggles to have to wait any longer. she is with child and if she gets to upset she could unleash Rat girl on us and that would be a bad thing... (I shutter to think what could happen)

Q: What was my most embarrassing moment?

She has no fear this one! lol

Funny you should ask this.......
Are you tapped in on my phone, for I was just talking about this with my sister the other day!

A: It was my 8th birthday, we were going to roast hot dogs out side before my cub scout meeting that night. I went out and was cutting sticks for the hot dogs I needed 8 2 brothers 3 sisters (1 was a foster sister for those who know I have just 2 sisters) mom and dad and my self.
My mom said that I should cut extras in case some caught fire.... sounded good to me. so I did as asked. (first time for everything you know) While my dad started the fire. Then one of my cub scout buddy's showed up. Said that his mom and dad had something to do and he was going to the meeting with us. ( again sounded good to me John was one of my best friends). But as more and more of my den showed up I figured out it was a surprise party. And we all were having a blast.

Then came time to light the candles on the cup cakes my mother had made for us. remember I'm 8 and I was lighting the candles.....Yep I burned my left fore finger but good. My father wrapped it up with the biggest blue bag of ice you have ever seen. The damn thing was 1/2 as big as I was, for Pete's sake! Then off the the meeting where I was to get a patch. At the end of the meeting when I was called up to get my patch (which I was so proud of) I tried to hid this LARGE blue bag I had on my hand. When the scout master handed me my patch he turned me to face the crowd (note he did not do this with the other scouts). Then informed them that it was my birthday and they all started singing happy birthday to me....All this time my huge bag of ice had sprung a leak and there was a large puddle on the floor at my feet looking as if I had pissed my pants...

Now was this a true story or was this something that my brain made up just for you?

I hope that this clears it up for you.

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Giggle! said...


Nup! I know it's true because I was listening in on your phone conversation! :-P bwahahaha

Besides! It has to be true because if it wasn't, that would make you wrong!

And you're never wrong! You're always right! YOu're the ANSWER GUY!!!! :-P

Or maybe you really DID Piss your pants! ;-) xx