Monday, September 15, 2008

My answers I think ?

Okay, I'm not sure this is where I should be putting this, but it was a question asked of me, so here is where I put it. (Its the tough decisions that make me great ya know)

M&M Wants to know what my answers would be to my own questions? I almost
said NO, I won't answer my own questions, It sounded like talking to my self but only everyone
can see. But then I figured that you would find out sooner or later that I did, Anyway so here we go!

1. State boarders
2. = money exchange
3. Its so hard to improve on this....I just don't know

(Translated that means I don't have enough time or room to put it to post)

I hope that this clears it up for you.


KathyLikesPink said...

Arrived via Black Box. Like your sense of humor!!!

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

Hi! The black box from Absolute Vanilla's widgets sent me here, so I will bookmark it for the time being and be back soon...
Very interesting, and I haven't read it all but one question I have is: In the subtitle you say: "You ask I answer". It seems as though it's actually you who asks and your readers answer?
I think I should really be back to find out more how it all works. :)

diana said...

don't know if this is the what you had in mind, but i had a question...

how do you know my picture is a fly and not a bee? i've been googling to try to find out exactly what it is and haven't come up with anything conclusive.