Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who is my fave?

Now I don't play faves. (well not that I will admit to anyway)
But I have some I like more than others! Ohhh I'm talking about the adventures of RAT GIRL.
Now you want to read something funny try this one out. I don't need to do a link to it, its listed on the right hand side of my blog!.
But "GiGGeLs" has another question for me. so here we go!

Q: Who is your favorite "the adventures of rat girl" character and why?

A very good question, this is a great cartoon you really must see! I fell in love with it right off!
Okay here it is,,,,Drum roll please.........

A: Giggels, of course is one, I mean who likes Superman and not Clark Kent, Right!
Rat girl, everyone loves a good Hero!
Aunty Vi, I just want to meet her.. (HUBBA, HUBBA) hook a guy up!
Slut, just because of who Rat girl hooked her up with in the last episode. (he is such a sleaze!)
And last but not least.
Postman twat, I know a guy just like him lol!

I hope that this clears it up for you.


Practically Joe said...

Well ... I must say ... That Rat Girl is quite the character. I enjoyed the site very much. I appreciate you sharing her with me.
As far as the question posed to you ... are you sure you weren't suckin up a little picking giggels as your favorite ... afterall wasn't it giggels who asked you the question to begin with?

Giggle! said...

hahaha YAY!!!! YOu have been reading!

Well suck up or not! I'm thrilled with your answer! :-) (scored me some new readers too) Heeehee! xx

just a girl... said...

uhhhhhhh jealous