Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sundays Question for you #3

OK I have a good one for you this week! So get out the thinking cap!

Q: Why is it that the drink V-8's main ingredient (tomato) is a fruit,
shouldn't it be called V-7+1F?

Come on now i want some good ones this time a round!

post your answers under the comments!

please clear this up for me.


M & M has come up with yet another good question! (she is getting good at this...and only one this time I'm so proud! lol)

Q: Does time really fly?

A: In a way yes and no!
Let me explain: Yes time flies if you say throw a time piece, or
take a flight and ware a watch, then I guess you could say it flies.
But time is not like sound or light! you can't see or hear it.
Why is that you ask, well that's why I'm here!
The reason for this is time is a man made concept.
It is what we use to give a tag to an idea.

I hope that this is less confusing for you than it is me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Parkway Shmarkway

Now let me inform you all about this question, I was asked to submit a question on
another blog whom I wont mention their name we will just call this blogger umm JAG.
This blogger asked for us HER readers for 10 questions. I thought I was being kind in
only submitting one! (boy was I wrong). Now I have to answer my own question, and I'm sure a few others that HER readers put up! But do I mind NO! for not only do I love to give the answers and do the research I enjoy helping HER out (you see she has issues)
OK here we go!

Q: Where in the hell do they call Highways, Parkways?

This wasn't the question that I asked but I will get to that in a minute.

A: Anywhere, where a PUBLIC HIGHWAY (as apposed to a Private highway) has a wide stretch
of grassy area on both sides and often divided by a grassy median!.

Now that wasn't the question I asked her so before she figures that out I will answer it also!

The question was, Q: why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

See she does get confused easily.

A: Because we Americans are NUTS, we do strange things like spell comb with a "B"?
We call buildings, buildings and they are built, done, finished?
We call a blog a blog. When we should call it "Ramblings of people with nothing better to do"

but I guess the real reason is because we can and no one can stop us! God bless this crazy country!!

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pink is hot, Is pink not!

The missing JAG is back, And she is HOT (take that how you want)
She needs some help with the color PINK, for her I have gone to great lengths
to retrieve the information she is in need of! (really I had sweat on my brow and everything)

So here we go!

Q: 1 Why is it when you search Google for (a word I wont use here.......JAG) Flamingos,
PINK panter comes up?

A: Because Google search sucks that's why!
if you use windows live search (as I did in my researching of this) you get 3,470,000
results. and I looked at the first 70 and they were all on flamingos!

Q: 2 Is there something I'm missing?

A: YES, The "H" in panther in the 1st question! (I couldn't help it)

Q: 3 Are flamingos and freaking panthers (with an "H") in the same category. ? help me help you (uh OK)

A: Well, yes in a way! I did some very deep research on this (this is where the sweat thing came in). According to what I could find, here is the all knowing answer (from the all knowing answer guy). Flamingos, Panthers (with an "H") and Cadillacs say that PINK is in. But the strange thing about this is none are truly PINK! (yes I know you did not know this, just let me finish) now as I was saying. A Cadillac must be painted PINK. The PINK panther (again with an "H") is a cartoon character and there for not real. And a Flamingo is really white!, It is their diet that turns there feathers PINK. If you change their diet they will go back to being white.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

2nd 1st, 1st 2nd

Dear M & M, I just thought I would let you know that "Nanny" learned the first time! (lol)
But I really like you so its OK! I'm going to do these backwards just because!

2nd Q: when will companies realise that customers don't like overseas call centres? (centers, here in the US).

2nd A: They have learned, they just don't care. they can have a room full of people in B.F.E.
for what they would pay 1 person here!. They care about one thing only $$$!, The thing that gets me is that I have received a lot of feed back on this post but no one has noticed that Apple is doing this on purpose! They created the damn thing! they know its making your ipod crash!
and they are leaving it out there!.

I think their thought is "if it crashes then they will buy a new one" this is B.S.

1st Q: Is it fixed now?(my ipod)

1st A: well........Every time I plug it in it wants to update. I click the box that says "Don't ask again" but it does!. Half the songs I put in aren't there!

I am about to take it back and tell them to shove the ipod up their 1439!

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deer in the head lights

Q: When you see one of those road sign's with a deer on it warning you that deer might be crossing the road, How do the people who put the sign there know that deer are going to cross at that point and not a 1/2 mile up the road?.

This is a long question, for which there is a long answer!

A: Here it i s the Oregon dept. of transportation (ODOT) that puts up the sign's.

They are very selective on where they are placed. (as you don't see them near "watch for falling rock" sign's.)

Here is what it takes to decide where the sign should be placed!

1.) It has to be placed on a road that has proven deer traffic.

2.) There needs to be deer sign in the area (as in deer trails,deer droppings, old antlers and or skeletal remains)

3.) The deer have to sign a contract that states that they will not hold ODOT responsible for any accidents out side of the marked area's. (fawns must be accompanied by an adult at all times)

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Desperation !

O.K. I'm going to take it easy on......Lets call her "Nanny" for she unknowingly replied to a request of mine, and used the dreaded "?" at the end of her sentence. ( I did reply back and informed her that, that meant I would be answering it,....That is what I do.) I also want more
players and don't want to scare her off!. So here is the answer she is needing!

Q: Yes!, Yes!, a thousand times YES!, or would that sound too desperate?

A: Yes!, Yes!, a thousand time YES!, does sound a bit desperate. But we are bloggers,
we need all of the readers and comments we can get. (if any of you have trackers installed you know what I mean...HUH M & M) We should go out and get a life but then what would we do with our blogs, and the person that reads it....Oops I'm mean all the people that read them!.

Thanks for playing Nanny, do come back PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE........

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Sunday's Question 4 U

Q: Why do they put signs on the side of the road telling you to
"Watch for falling rock" When you should be watching the road!

For any new readers please post your answers on the comments.

Well I'm waiting (picture me standing there tapping my foot)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Road side flowers?

2 from you know who!

Q: Why do people leave flowers at the side of the road or on a bench to commemorate
someone who has died?

A good question, I have a = answer!

A: It was brought to the U.S. by the Mexicans, They believe that when some one dies in a
car crash or drive by or other unnatural way that every year on that day they return to that place.
The flowers are to let them know that they are still missed and loved.

Then this was under the Question; We wouldn't put flowers on a hospital bed!
DUHHHHHHHH, come on how long does a hospital bed stay empty. That would be like tossing them in the river...wave at it and say bye!,

OK I bet she will be more careful on her closing statements after this (you don't have to I love it really)

Q: Is that the question I was supposed to ask?

A: It wasn't a question you were supposed to ask. It was a question that needed to be answered!
Remember the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Its just some are smarter than others!

I hope that this clears it up for you.

One for Google

O.K. This one was one I was working on when M & M asked me about it (yes I'm getting scared we 2 think alike too much)

Q: How to get on to your blog without your analytics counting you?

A: I believe that if you sign in to your Analytics home page then click on your accounts
then to blogger, then to your blog that you can get in under the radar. But like me you have 2 or
more blogs so you will have to sign out then back in and go to the next blog.

But look at it this way if you do it like 10 times a day the other way your numbers will go up!
Hell it looks good on the screen.!

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What will we do when WHAT?

M & M Wants to here we go!

Q: What will we do when there's no more questions?

A: Its not just that we will never run out of questions, Hell you
wont ever run out of questions, (I know this fer sure man!)
The only time Any human will have no questions is after they
pass through the pearly gates.

Of course I have a very limited amount of questions that's why I
give the answers. But even I have questions...every Sunday.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where did Peter come from?

M&M Has come up with SOME very good questions (we are going to get her to learn how to count real soon)

Now I'm going to start handling these multiple questions a little differently.
I will put just one question up then answer it. Then go to the next.
(I think it was getting to hard for her to keep up)
So here we go!

Q:1 Why do we say Petered out?

A: 1 Because that is what your Mum and Dad would say, and you picked it up from them.
(Yes she really couldn't figure that one out)

Q:2 Was Peter someone who just kept fading away?.

I'm glad that when this question came to her she turned to me! with my vast knowledge of all things for the answer.

A:2 The saying as far back as my research goes came from a man named Peter Paisley.
He was a street sweeper by trade in a small un-named town in the UK. He actually gave us 2 phrases. (I being the nice guy I am will show you both)
The one in question "Petered out" came from the fact that while Peter would be working he would fall asleep leaning on his broom. The town folk soon started saying any time that some one was tired that they were "Petered out". Now as for the second phrase, We all know that when you wake up from your sleep the first thing you do is go to the bathroom. And peter was no different than you and I. But since they had already given the name "Peter" to being tired, They had to call this something else. So now when we need to go to the bathroom after being all "Petered out" we say I have to go "P.P.". The un-named towns people seen that this man Peter Paisley was going to make them famous so in turn they named this town Paisley.

M&M Of all people I thought that you would of known this one. (now where in the UK is it you live ?)

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Could be due to a lizard!

JAG has come up with a very good question, one that I had to really
do some deep research on. But I feel I have got the answer you have been
needing. (JAG I have another one I will e-mail you later)

Q: Did the word "horny" come from horny toad?
( for those of you that don't know a horny toad is a lizard that lives in Austin Texas)

A: YES; Because the only thing we humans have in common with this lizard,
is we are always chasing tail!

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Take five and e-mail me in the morning !

M&M has answered my question......Well sort of!
She likes playing this game A LOT!

OK here we go! She answered my question by giving me 5 more ( Which is enough ammo for me to bring the house down around her ears.....but will I)

Q:1 The day of rest?

Q:2 Who actually get rest on a Sunday?

Q:3 If it were truly a day of rest would we like the day better?

Q:4 Is it not true that although God rested on Sunday, he did not go back to work on Monday?

Q:5 Did you notice that I answer this entire question with question's (plug your ears!)

A:1 Yes "most" religions believe that on the 7th day (Sunday) God rested. (Although some feel that this day was Saturday.)

A:2 I do!

A:3 Again I do!

A:4 Sure he did, he (and you did notice I said HE) had to start listening to peoples dumb questions first thing Monday morning .....Hmmm it's Monday morning and I'm dealing with questions ........NAAAAAAA.

And now for the BIG number 5

A: I did notice that I have already gotten a weeks worth of questions ( I believe that we talked about mutable questions before) from you in one day. ( I think it is going to be a long week) But have failed to find one answer! BAD MONKEY BAD!. And I was so counting on you!.
But since you helped me score points with my lady "Friend" over there, all I will say is, YES I DID. LMAOROTFPMP.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

An answer for the blues!/Your turn

OK, This is how I'm going to fight the Sunday blues for my readers.

After all this is to be fun!

Now it's your turn I'll ask a question every Sunday, and you post your answers in the comments.

Fair enough. (Well sure it is that's why I said it!)

OK here we go!

Q: Besides having to go to work on Monday! why do we hate Sundays so bad when they call it the day of rest?

I thought it would be a fitting question to get this started!

Friday, August 15, 2008

M&M you got kucky with this one!

M&M you almost got a spanking via the web on this one.
But you saved your self! (you will never know how lucky you are)
by sending the correct question on that second comment.
I almost did not open it before responding...DAMN but I did.
This is also a question I thought would have been asked a long
time ago. Its about time we are getting them out of the way.

Q: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make
any noise.?

Now before I answer this I do want to say that you do work
in Education up there right! (notice the ! is not a ? hence a statement not a question)

A: The answer is YES IT DOES, it has been proven.
Discovery Chanel has a documentary out called Planet Earth.
Very good have watched it 3 or 4 times. They put a camera (hidden)
in the rain forest and caught it on film (with sound).
This sells for bout (which is the U K word for about) $80.00 U.S. dollars.
well worth the money!.

I hope that this clears it up for you.


M&M is confused about a ......few things. And I'm here to clear some of them up!
First she says her country is confused on there identity. This one will have to
wait in tell I get over there later this year, I will try to find time to set up shop
and help clear this up for you.

Now her question is a rather long one. (the answer is not)

Q: I was under the impression that the U.S.A were imperial type of people,
yet when you (I) mentioned the temperature you (I) used Fahrenheit. Is that not the metric value.
(yes she really asked this, I'm not making it up)

A: NO, The metric value is CELSIUS.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Copy and paste

JAG is having one of those days, she needs the help from the master so here we go;

Q: How in the world do you copy and paste into blogger?

One of these days you are going to stump me (just not today)

When you need to copy and paste some thing in to blogger it is easy after the first time.
First go find what it is you want inserted, Then call your sister Terry and ask her to do it for you. Remember you will need to give her your password.

I hope that this clears it up for you

Where to if not hell

JAG asks; If you are in hell and were mad at some one where would you tell them to go?

A very good question, but again one I know something about. here it is....Drum roll please

A: TEXAS, the next worse place. (its where the Devil takes his holidays)

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Question avoided.....I think NOT! (Oh m&M)

My dear M & M, the only way to avoid a question, is not to mention it all together!
Just because the way form something to pen does not mean I can't get the hint
that you need further clarification. (you will learn this today).

The fact that YOU are not aware the the word "bloke" was a British term,
does not mean that it's not a British term. Although it is used in Australia,
Australia Was populated by the British (that is where you sent all your undesirables,
which I still can't figure out. You should of switched it to leaving them there and you go to the land of the sun.) (but that's just me). Sorry got off track.

Then the use of "bestest" and "bloke" in my post in your comments,
being some kind of hidden way to bolster myself up. (you make me laugh)
I had to stop and try to figure out how you could come up with that one.
(this is where you need to stop and look at my profile photo). I am a middle
aged man if I was going to do something like that I would of used proper (American) English!
And since I am bolder than bold print there would have been no "question" about what I
was meaning. Thank you very much!.

Now for the "real" question;
Q: Where do I consider to be the best part of the U.S.A. ?
M&M If you wanted to know where I lived you could of just asked that. (silly girl)
The best place to live here in the U.S.A. (you have looked at the photo's on my other blog right)
for me is central Oregon (also known as the high desert) the winters are beautiful (cold)
but the spring, summer and fall are to die for!. (plus it's 5,400 miles from the nearest "bloke".

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The question I've been waiting for!

O.K. I've been waiting for this question, I thought I would of gotten it the first day.

And now music monkey shall be referred to as M & M. (I like this one)
so without further ado here is the question............................................
M & M asks: What should I ask next ? (O.K. the question I was waiting for didn't have the word "next" but that's close enough)

A: I put 1 limit on the questions that can be asked, I just want them to be clean
enough for a 11 year old to read. (that is the age of the youngest reader that I know I
have). They can be about anything, I try to put some truth in the answers, as in your
1st or should I say second question. Adrinocortical-carcinoma does cause facial hair growth.

I will always try to put some humor in for that is the main point of this. I'm just not
always able to be funny ( I blame my childhood, teachers, siblings,drugs,friends and the government for this) but I try.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Right/wrong can we ever know

JAG asks
Q: Did I do that right ?

A short and to the point question that I shall draw the answer out as much as possible.

A: Right is a relative term, did you give the info out correctly , I believe so.
Did you do it in a timely manner, again I believe so.
But when you signed off you said this,
Ken's personal secretary.
Now that was worded incorrectly.
It should of read like this, Ken's "favorite" personal secretary.
( I was going to say some thing else but after the picture thing I didn't want to push my luck! )

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Ahh a new player !

Music Monkey wants to play !

O.K. first you asked 2 questions (that is O.K. just don't make it a habit)

Q: 1 So if it is O.K. I'd like to ask a question.

Q: 2 Why is it that as some women get older and develop this facial hair, (please see previous post) They seem to be blind to the fact that they could beat Tom Sellek in a hairy man contest.

A: 1 Yes you may, all are welcome to play.

A: 2 They could not beat Tom Sellek in a hairy man contest, for they are women!.
But...Sometimes this over abundance of facial hair is caused by a rare cancer called Adrinocortical-carcinoma. Which causes the estrogen levels to go off the chart.

Or it could be that they do know it's there and are blaming their Ex-husbands for it (and everything else they don't like) and decided to leave it so men would leave them alone (and this works rather well).

I hope that this clears it up for you.

A two part answer

Q: Why when we get older, do men get
ear (and nose) hair and women get chin hair.

A: Pt. 1 As we get older (and I know this does not include you JAG or FOWC)
our hormones and estrogen levels change, causing hair to grow in places we
did not (and don't want) have before. in most cases this is normal, but
your doctor may have some options for you.

A: Pt. 2 God, the all mighty and all powerful has a crappy since of humor.
He's a just sittin up there laughin at us.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ahh JAG my bestest costomer

Q: Why do people yell when they say "I'm not yelling" ?

Well I feel I am more than qualified to answer ( I have 2 ex- wives...
I know I can't believe it either)

A: Usually when one is asked to stop yelling, they are already upset. And when asked to stop they want to show you that they maybe loud but they are still able to get louder. I know that I have never got to the limit of loudness (if that is a word?)
yet, and would always kick it up a notch when asked to stop.


I hope that this clears it up for you.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hell I don't know how to tital this !

OK now to save time "just A Girl" will now be called JAG!
in the long run it will save me time that I could use doing
something productive, Like making sure I have the lights on at 4: 00 am
and I am commenting on her posts.

Here are her latest THREE
Q 1 What is a tracker ...I can't wait.

Q 2 Is this where I tell her to go to my ask blog ....MMMMM!

Q 3 Me a serial double poster ...UHHHHHH.....................................................

O. K. here we go!

A 1 It is a add on that will let you see where your visits are coming from and how they got there. (I will e-mail you more info un-like FWC I share what I know)


A 3 II don't don't know know what what you you are are talking talking about about.

I hope that this clears it up for you.

Another Q: from Just a girl

Q: what did I master?

She makes these so easy for me (bless her heart)

A: Dear Just a girl, All you have to do to find the answer is to READ YOUR BLOG.
you are the grand master of Texas humor. If anyone ever ask me who is the funniest
person in Texas is, Well hands down its you. I'm thinking of doing a who's the funniest blogger ever survey soon and I know your name will be there fer sure girl.

I hope that this clears it up for you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

just a girl ?

Just a girl asks "Why didn't I win the damn lottery"

A: I sent you an e-mail and explained it in there but I will do here just for you.
You said we could only give you 1 # soooooo I only gave you 1. you need six to be the big winner DUHHH. I hope that this clears it up for you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here is the first one

Y@Y asks: Why

I think Y@Y is asking why I started this blog!

The answer is, for fun and I needed to do something that took up 5 minutes of my day!

I hope this clears it up for you.

Here it is

You ask the ? and I give the answers (all clean please). the answers will be right (sometimes) and fun most of the time.
I have been thinking of doing this for awhile,and now its done. If it works I will keep it up. So ask away we will be watching (we as in me, myself and I)