Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fly/Bee or Bee/Fly, thats why you ask the answer guy

Okay, This question comes from Sunshine on my shoulders or as I will call her (SOMS)

Q:How do you know my picture is a fly and not a bee?
I've been googling to try to find out exactly what it is and haven't come up with anything conclusive.

A; If you look at the way it holds its wings out away from its body, that's a dead give away, also if you would of seen the way it flies that too would of told you. Bee's hold their wings in over there body kind of like closed up. (some fly's do this also). But I must mention that a wasp will also hold its wings out a way from its body, but it is a wasp not a Bee.

But the main thing that tells me it a fly is the fact that we have them here and I have held them in my hand and never been stung.

Now you now why you ask the answer guy, I know all the answers (at least in my world anyway)

I hope that this clears it up for you.


Trixie said...

Since you are good at being so technical, here's one I would like to hear your answer to (and it's not a rude one this time!)

What came first...

the chicken or the egg?

diana said...

do flies many flies gather nectar from flowers? i did find a bee fly and it says it does, but the picture did not look like my little insect. i found several different kinds of bees that look similar to mine, but wasn't sure. that's why i asked you =)

i had never heard of any kind of fly that gathers nectar. weird.

Ken said...

Trixie, your answer is forth coming.

Diana, A fly will eat anything, dead alive or even poop, in fact there is a fly called a poop fly!
Nector would not be a stretch for a fly.