Saturday, September 20, 2008

GMJ wanys to know my secret.

Q: City, you are cracking me up. So, tell me how you got these shots? Salt lick?

GMJ left this on my #1 blog. I don't think she knew what she had done. (but I did tell her)

She was talking about some pictures of 3 bucks I took down the street from my home.

So here is your answer.

A: I have been tracking deer for 40 years now. I have learned to think like them. I know what they are going to do before they do. (plus I can talk to them.... which always helps)

I just ask them to stand like this are to stand like that, and they do it. The only reason they are looking at me is I asked them to. Like the big buck, I said "hey big guy strike a pose for me" and he said "you bet ya Ken" (see I'm on first name bases with them)

Now as far as the second Question, Are you calling me a salt lick or asking me if I need one!

Either way I will answer both.

No I am not a salt lick!

And no I don't need one either, that much salt is bad for you.

No the truth is that I approach them slowly and am always watching their ears and their tails for that is how I judge their temperament. And I always back away watching them. I have found that by doing that, I can return in a few minutes and get even closer to them. They know I'm not going to hurt them and they relax a little.

I hope that this clears it up for you.


Judi~Gmj said...

:) thanks, I know you are not a salt lick! In Oklahoma hunters put out a salt lick to attract deer. Oh, silly me , after 40 years of stalking you know this.

Ken said...

That and I was raised on a farm, we used them there also. but that is the cheaters way to hunt. if you can't track then you shouldn't hunt. If you wund an animal you need to track it!

diana said...

that's pretty amazing. great pics.