Friday, September 5, 2008

Third new player this week!

This one comes from down under! Lets all give a warm welcome to Giggles! (the crowd goes wild.....Haaaa haaaaa ) And here is her uhhh question (s). yep the rookie mistake!

Q: So... let me get this straight...We ask you a question, any question, and you do a post answering it? <(see that's a question mark.)

And can it be any question? <(another question mark)

Completely unrelated and random? <(still another one)

Seriously... that is my question.

Okay, first I counted 3 "?" marks, which is not a first here(right M & M). I really don't mind multi questions, in fact I find it funny that no one ever notices the fact that they are doing it, and I find that funny. but I notice because I'm the answer guy!

1.) Yes, and as you can see I have gotten some very tough questions in the first month!
(I feel so taxed)

2.) Um, I think I answered that up above. Yep I did.

3.) The more unrelated the better.
The more random the better.
So the answer to this one is betterbetter! (that's my word double dibbs, no take backs)

I hope that this clears it up for you.


ettarose said...

All right, here's one for you. Why, in your picture, you know the one to the right, my right, it may be your left, do you not look old enough to have a daughter that is 25!

Giggle! said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry I didn't come sooner... straight after my last email to you, our bloody dogs chewed up our phoneline! LOL So I lost all Internet connection!

But never mind! It's all fixed now!

LMAO! I was very aware that I had 3 questionmarks!!! It's just that everyone gives Aussie's crap about sounding like we talk with a questionmark at the end of everything! So I try to sound Aussie in my text? :-P (No that wasn't a question, so don't answer it) Teeeheeee!

Thanks for your answer... I shall ask again sooon!!! xx