Saturday, September 6, 2008

Its a record, 4 in 1 week!

This one is from a blogger I have just found this week. If I knew how to do the link thing (some one said they would help me with this but......... you know who you are J_G). Any way her name is Ettarose, and you can link to her from the comments on the post below. Okay here it is.

Its a long one so relax;

Q: Why in your picture, you know the one to the right, my right, it may be your left, do you not look old enough to have a daughter that is 25!

OK now this is supposed to end with a "?" not a "!".
But I will over look it this time its your first time, and it should be special!

A: First I would like to thank you for saying this!. Second I would like to know when the last time you had your eyes checked, and please tell me you don't drive this way!
but really it runs in our family on my Mothers side, she is 74 and we have about the same amount of gray. that and I work hard, play hard and at least once a week I head out into the woods and get away from it all. Then when I return I head straight to my plastic surgeon, or maybe a little botox and BAM I look fabulous.

I hope that this clears it up for you.


ettarose said...

ok, first, I was confused with my posting. I really should say amazed and therefore I missed the question mark. Second, you are funny and I am glad we "met". Third, linking is very very easy and if you need any help with your blogs I would be more than happy to help. Just pop me an e mail and I can set you up. We can even give you a nice signature if you want.

Giggle! said...

hahaha great question! I guess I need my eyes checked too then!

Someones probably already let you know how to link, but if not...

When you are composing a post, just highlight the word / words you wish to link (drag the mouse curser over it to highlight)...

and then on the tool bar next to the text colour pallet (with a T) you'll see a little green symbol (Kind of looks like a world with a weird tool thing above it)...

click it... and then enter the url of the link you wish to add. (It's easier to already have copied the url and then just paste it with your mouse.)

Click OK, and then you're laughing! heehee!

Ok, I can't wait now... I shall ask you my next question!!

Who is your favourite 'The Adventures of RATGiRL' character and why? xx