Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ashley has a very good question

She wants to know what would happen if a synchronized swimmer drown, would the rest of the team drown also?

Oh yes it happens a lot. That is why each country only has one team to compete in the Olympics. They were thinking of placing life guards in the pool while training but test showed they would get caught up with the swimmers and drown also.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

FFEJ your answers are in

Jeff has a few questions for me (5) and I have 4 answers for him. I am so clever I can answer 5 with 4.

1. What the hell?

Here is where I pull the fast one, 2 questions 1 answer.
2. I was just wondering whats up?
3. Why wont they play the game?

A: I think they are intimidated by the gravity of it all!

4.Why did man put turn signals on cars?

A:To inform us when they were going to turn way to close in front of us.

Was it just to piss us off, or was there a purpose?

A: Yes there was/is a purpose, and that is to piss us off (is it working)