Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your day in court!

I will make this long story a little shorter, but the question will be intact.
Maria ( I have no way to shorten it so it will stay Maria) Is going to court against a sleaze ball.
(yes I can call him a sleaze ball its my blog and i will always take the woman's side...I'm no dumb ass)

She wants to put a good impression on the judge. Now I know some thing about impressing judges having been in front of one or two in my time. ( of course I was innocent... how dare you even think that)

So here is the question;

Q: Its at 8:45 (court that is) in the morning, what should I wear?

A: Well if I was a judge I would want you looking good!
A mini skirt with knee high boots and a low "V" neck sweater and maybe some chewing gum.
You will win your case in record setting time, maybe even in the history of the court.

I hope that this clears it up for you.


Trixie said...

That's only if YOU'RE the judge! lol

diana said...

what if she ends up with a female judge? lol.

Ken said...

Trixie, thats not true.....okay maybe it is but still.....

Diana, If she gets a female judge in Mexico I think it would be safe to asume that the judge would be in fact a Lesbian and she would still win.