Thursday, September 11, 2008

The sky is falling, The sky is falling...NOT!

Okay, we are now not just getting bloggers, e-mails and myspace people to submit questions. We now have spouses! Cool! like the header says all are welcome to play (see I mean what I say)
So this one comes from Giggles hubby, (we will call him Giggles hubby for short).

Q: Do you think that the world will be destroyed by the science experiments happening in Geneva Sweden...and why?

First I think its OUT SIDE Geneva, For Christ sake the thing is 27 miles long, well if you straightened it out it would be.
And what do you mean "Do I think", I don't think I'm not the, I think guy!
I'm the answer guy. Your wife should of told you this, or you could of read the header where it says "you ask, I answer". It doesn't say "you ask, I think!" OK now on with the question (these newbie players I tell ya)

A: This super collideier as it is called, will not cause mini black holes to form sinking to the center of the earth and consuming us as we go kicking and screaming to our deaths.
Some of the brightest minds on earth are working on this! Plus let us not forget we have had others for years, this one is just bigger and more powerful.
The storm that we have been hearing is from some scientists that didn't get to work on the project and are jealous.

Plus if I'm wrong well I guess you can tease me about it later then! Oh no you can't hahaha
I hope that this clears it up for you!


Giggle! said...

HeHeHe! Hubby has gone to bed but I'll see that he gets this!

I don't know much about this whole thing, but Hubby has taken great interest in it.

But if you're wrong, I'm sure Mr Giggle will come and hunt ya down in the afterlife! :-P heeheeee xx

Ken said...

Oh yea, well I'm not afraid, whats he going to do KILL me. lol

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi again!

Giggle! said...

Hubby has seen and Hubby says Thank you!!

... Oh and that you are completely wrong and we are all gonna die! :-P

Just kidding!! If he really thought that - then he wouldn't have knocked me up! :-P xx

Ken said...

Hell, it took 2 days to land at my own site lol

Anna said...

Found your site via TJ and like it! Very whimsical :)

Btw, Geneva isn't in Sweden. It's in Switzerland. Seeing as I live there (Switzerland), I thought I'd put that right. :)



Ken said...

I know but i have to post them the way they come!