Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the question award goes to?

No one! Why you ask.... silly you. You never asked any questions. I can't give out an award to someone when they don't ask a question. Heck practically Joe is the only one who has asked a question and he has already gotten an award. Now its your turn!


Doberman Gang said...

Question for you.

What the Hell?

Now this can be taken many ways I just wonder like you what is up? I can undersatnd no one reading or commenting on my blogs I dont have much worth reading. But why won't they play your game? OK thats 3 questions. NOw for the real question Why did man put turn signals on cars and truck? Was it just to piss us off or did they have actual purpose?

Ashley said...

I have a question!!! (Better late than never, right?)

If one syncronized swimmer drowns, do they all drown?