Monday, January 19, 2009

The oldest thing I own

Okay the oldest thing I own..... It could be this little guy right here.
They haven't been around for a while? I caught him running across the floor a while back and asked him to stick around. (I also asked him to cut his hair and put some clothes on and you see how well that worked) Oh wait! I have this arrow head, its really old, I mean it may not have been that long ago that it was used but you see its made from petrified wood. So its like a million years old! (and makes it very rare) But no it's not the oldest thing I own.... but this is!
See I told you it was older than anything else I own, and you thought I was crazy.
Oh what is it you ask.... You don't know? Okay than I will tell you.

This is an ORTHOCERAS, does that clear it up for you?.... No?
Okay here is the story. This very primitive member of the phylum cephalopoda are similar to the ammonite. Orthoceras are the ancestral cousin of the modern Squid or Octopus.

If you understand all that well you have done as much research on it as I have. Really, I like things that are 400 million years old. Yep, I got you all beat on this one. I love fossils, I have a few that I have found on the coast, but they are no where near the age of this. I once had a tooth that had not been identified yet and was thought to be around 65 million years old. I will tell you all about that one some day on my "what ever I want" blog. There are parts of the story that can't be told on this one. But there it is. I bet you have older things than you think just sitting around the house. You know most rocks are as old or older than dirt... That's how old I am 10 days older than dirt!

PS, as I did my spell check I think I overloade the system. This is what it came up with. I will give the choices that struck me as funny.
Orthoceras = Outhouses WTF?
Cephalopode = Scalloped
Ammonite = Amount



Trixie said...

Never thought of rocks being that old...if that's the case, got lots of old stuff in the kids collect crystals and rocks.

Practically Joe said...

I have some photos of my parents before they were married.
Boy, did they dress funny back then.